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Museum en Beeldentuin Nic Jonk

"inspiratiebron voor iedereen" met als doel "Behoud voor de Toekomst"
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Uniek levenswerk van kunstenaar Nic Jonk

Onze vaste collectie van Nic Jonk (beelden, schilderijen, grafiek, glas en perspexobjecten) .
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Workshop voor u of uw club bij Nic Jonk

Inspirerend: Schrijven, Schilderen , Filmen, Fotograferen, Tekenen en Beeldhouwen in atelier Nic Jonk, Workshop
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Varen in de eilandspolder vanaf Nic Jonk

Varen eilandspolder met Frank Klugt of Piet van Marle. Laat u verrassen in het prachtige natuurgebied Eilandspolder. Rondvaart onder leiding van de meestervertellers Piet en Frank.
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Nic Jonk museum & beeldentuin
In gesprek met Zeger Jonk
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De collectie olieverfschilderijen Nic Jonk

De schilderijen van vrouwelijke naakten van Nic Jonk hebben een zekere speelsheid. De schilderijen zijn dynamisch.

Kalender 2020

kalender 2020

Nic Jonk kalender 2020 nu al te bestellen!
Vanaf 5 december 2019 leverbaar.
Prijs € 15.= exclusief portokosten.

Bestellen via e-mail

of via tel. 0299-671560 of 06-53325569

Opening hours

Museum en Beeldentuin Nic Jonk
Haviksdijkje 5
1843 JG Grootschermer.

winter opening times 2019-2020
November 20 to April 6 Wednesday to Sunday from 11 am to 2 pm. And by appointment.
Christmas and New Year's Day closed.
Also closed 12 to 24 January 2020.

December 21 and 22 "open days" from 11 am to 4 pm.
Free admission and free coffee and discounts on replica figurines, screen prints and poetry collections.
Nic Jonk calendar 2020 available! Price € 15. =

Entrance € 7.50 per person
Including coffee/tea with Schermer cake

Entrance, coffee/tea and cake fencer and tour of museum, sculpture garden and workplace € 11.50 pp

Open by appointment
Tel: 0299 671560/ 06 53325569

red bather

Nic Jonk ‘red bather’ 150x120 cm olieverf op linnen


Bestellen via tel. 0299-671560 of

Voor aanschaf van een kunstwerk, kalender, boek e.d kunt u ook tijdens de Kerstdagen , na telefonische afspraak, langskomen.

Een leven vol beelden


biografie nic jonk

Biografie Nic Jonk. Schrijver Rob Bouber
ISBN 978 90 79915 25 5 Prijs: € 24,95

Lees meer


The unique life work of the artist Nic Jonk

The Nic Jonk Museum and Sculpture Garden in the village of Grootschermer, North Holland was opened by the artist Nic Jonk in 1965. 50 years later, it has expanded into a unique art scene where art and nature go hand in hand in an unparalleled manner.

The Museum
Three times per year, the museum organises an inspiring exhibition that includes reputable artists. See our schedule for an overview.

Our permanent collection artwork by Nic Jonk (sculptures, paintings, graphics, glass and Perspex objects). In addition, three times per year, the museum holds an exhibition by an external artist.
The Excavation Collection of Kees Box and Greet-Jonk-Commandeur

The Sculpture Garden
The sculpture garden in Grootschermer contains giant pieces of sculpture that carelessly sputter a joy of life. The sunlight creates lovely patterns of light and shadow on the polished bronze surfaces.

The Museum and Sculpture Garden in Gootschermer is located in the unspoilt North Holland polder landscape where the 30 bronze sculptures of Nic Jonk, surrounded by clouds, water and the swaying rows of reeds come into their own.
The individual design of the garden and the unique plants turn this into a beautiful entirety. Go sit on various benches along the waterfront you can enjoy the interplay of art and nature. In course of the years, the original farmhouse was renovated into a stylish museum with lovely incidence of light and exquisite views into the sculpture garden.

Nic Jonk
Nic Jonk is known for his plastic sculptures with round forms cast in bronze. Some 250 of his sculptures stand in various public and semi-public places throughout the Netherlands. His sculptures are also exhibited in Germany, Spain, Italy and the United States. Inspired by predecessors such as Maillol, Renoir and Bourdelle, female beauty is his model. His work is a testimony to respect of life and bears unmatched primal strength, deals with love and fertility, and conspicuously exhibits many female figures.

Tours can be arranged by appointment for groups of 10 persons or more. You get an explanation about the establishment of the sculpture garden and the museum and in the studio an explanation about how a sculpture is created.

Unique location
Furthermore, you can Enjoy, Get Inspired, Relax, Paint, Draw, Photograph, Film, Sculpt, Sail, Wander, Cycle, Lunch, Dine, Listen to Music, See a Film, Meditate, simply Sit in the Garden at the Waterfront.

Become a friend
The Nic Jonk Museum and Sculpture Garden is a family business that has existed for more than 50 years without any subsidies. Nic’s son, Zeger, and daughter-in-law, Annelies have continued to Nic Jonk’s lifework after his death in 1994. By becoming a friend of the museum, you help use maintain this unique location and collection in its full glory.

The Nic Jonk Museum and Sculpture Garden

“Source of inspiration for everyone” with the aim of “Preserving the legacy for the Future”