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Museum en Beeldentuin Nic Jonk

"inspiratiebron voor iedereen" met als doel "Behoud voor de Toekomst"
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Uniek levenswerk van kunstenaar Nic Jonk

Onze vaste collectie van Nic Jonk (beelden, schilderijen, grafiek, glas en perspexobjecten) .
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Workshop voor u of uw club bij Nic Jonk

Inspirerend: Schrijven, Schilderen , Filmen, Fotograferen, Tekenen en Beeldhouwen in atelier Nic Jonk, Workshop
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Varen in de eilandspolder vanaf Nic Jonk

Varen eilandspolder met Frank Klugt of Piet van Marle. Laat u verrassen in het prachtige natuurgebied Eilandspolder. Rondvaart onder leiding van de meestervertellers Piet en Frank.
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Nic Jonk museum & beeldentuin
In gesprek met Zeger Jonk
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De collectie olieverfschilderijen Nic Jonk

De schilderijen van vrouwelijke naakten van Nic Jonk hebben een zekere speelsheid. De schilderijen zijn dynamisch.

Kalender 2019

kalender 2019

Nic Jonk kalender 2019 € 15.=
Twee voor € 25.=

Bestellen via e-mail

of via tel. 0299-671560 of 06-53325569

Opening hours

Haviksdijkje 5
1843 JG Grootschermer.


Open from March 21 to Novemver 26th.
Wed-Thurs-Fri 12.00 – 16.00
Sat-Sun 11.00 – 14.00
in July and August Tue 12.00 – 16.00
Open on public holidays from 13:00 to 17:00.

Entrance € 7.50 per person
Including coffee/tea with Schermer cake

Entrance, coffee/tea and cake fencer and tour of museum, sculpture garden and workplace € 11.50 pp

Open by appointment
Tel: 0299 671560/ 06 53325569

red bather

Nic Jonk ‘red bather’ 150x120 cm olieverf op linnen


replica dans website

Nic Jonk  replicabeeldje "Dans" € 140.=

35 cm hoog inclusief granieten sokkel.


Bij aankoop gratis boek ‘’ beelden uit de lucht gegrepen’’ van Nic Jonk.

Bestellen via tel. 0299-671560 of

Voor aanschaf van een kunstwerk, kalender, boek e.d kunt u ook tijdens de Kerstdagen , na telefonische afspraak, langskomen.

Een leven vol beelden


biografie nic jonk

Biografie Nic Jonk. Schrijver Rob Bouber
ISBN 978 90 79915 25 5 Prijs: € 24,95

Lees meer


Every time that Nic Jonk called me to ask whether I wanted to come over to talk about making a screen print, I drove to Grootschermer in high spirits. In my memory, the sky was clear blue and both the birds and I sang cheerfully.
It was a treat, also while printing, when I pressed a cheerful colour through the non-covered parts of the mesh that was stretched over the frame.

I did that with a rubber blade mounted in a metal handle. The areas to be printed were applied with a photographic emulsion on the mesh and certain areas were covered with cheerful brushstrokes. That’s how screen prints were created, sometimes in more than 20 printings.
Each and every of those 20 different screens and colours were created, processed and printed with joy. Because Nic gave me the freedom essential to my way of screen printing, namely, not creating a replica but trying to breathe life into the print.
When I would finally show him such a screen print, he would give me a look of reproof and ask me with concern: "Why did you make such a mess with those colours of ink?” That was his way of saying that it looked nice.
A day later or after several days, he would call and begin by saying: “You are probably sitting around doing nothing again?” And then would continue to say “that the screen print is all right.”
Yes, screen printing with and for Nic Jonk was a delight. And not just making them; because when you let Nic Jonk’s work affect you, everything becomes brighter and more joyful.
It’s simply delightful. Also for me.

Wout van der Vet
Oranje Bomen Atelier